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5$ sorry **
Hey can someone lend me 6$? I want to buy a fortnite skin or starter pack for my little brother and I need some cash! I'd be down to draw something???? Please lol uwu
Hey can someone lend me 6$? I want to buy a fortnite skin or starter pack for my little brother and I need some cash! I'd be down to draw something???? Please lol uwu
Sooo it's that time!! Time for me to hold a small contest, to get me a sona. So I've got plenty of characters and I've went thro TH a lot of them using them as "sonas" but none ever really fit you know? They never matched me or my personality or even had a connection with me. I've felt very unmotivated without a sona, I want a bean that I'd want to draw all the time and love.

So here's some stuff I like, also I'd prefer canine for the species (dog/wolf) but a feline may** work. (Sorry I'm not trying to be picky uwu)
Ok so breeds
Tamaskin dogs are pretty much my favorite breed.
Love me some german Shepard's
Northern Inuit dogs are 😫💓

So if you were to do a cat here's some breeds
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex

Ok so now onto aesthetics n stuff!
I've been told by a lot of people that I look like the off brand lil xan, I have the same haircut and body build as him. Anyways I've also been told I remind people of a zuimiez   Skater boy. So I heavily stick to that kind of aesthetic, sorta grunge and junkie. Here's some aesthetic photos to help ^^

Ok so onto color pallets and other information, so for color pallets I don't mind what you do but for the love of God please stay away from neons and super vibrant and bright colors. (Whites are fine and dulled vibrant colors). As for if it's anthro or feral I don't mind, but if it's anthro please draw a feral version too since I work with Gerald more. Other than this I have no other rules, I mean it needs to be a transMan, defiantly gay and hella cool.

Winner will receive two whole paintings! (Up to two characters in each!)…
And a fullbody cartoon like this… along with something like this… (old)
Runner up with revive one painting and a burst ^^

Of course there are rules!!
1-No bases
2-No tracing or copying a design!!
3-As many entries as you'd like
4-You can sell the design if I don't want it
5-Please post and mention me along with post it in the comments!!

guardins sorry for the upcoming spam, this is the only way I have to send these on Mobil <3

Filename by MintBone
Give me a list of the following
3 warrior cats to draw and a scene or way to draw them
Links to your ocs with an idea
Three aesthetic photos
Wtf help... send help..this is taking me so long and idk what to draw in the center? Should I do a ych? If so how much should it cost???

Filename by MintBone
Send me your ocs
I need motivation
Having one of my worst art blocks ever

I'm about to cry I swear tg
Closest one gets a free drawing : )

Btw here are some hints
My hair is slightly curly n very short
(Imma dude)
I'm looking for
Designs that are up for trade
Link below :)
'step outside my misery'
'i think ill find a way of envisioning a better life for the rest of us, the rest of us. hope for the rest of us'

hey Alaska guess what, want to defy god and love me <3

AlaskanCat is perfect besides the fact she thinks im wrong >;3

what are you guys thinking of this style? basically my old one just more dare i say refined?  

charcters used
my chase (left)
Alaska's Dylan (left)

dude cheer up lolz (P)
me when AlaskanCat doesnt understand i love her more than she loves me???????????????
is she crazy?????????????????

chase is the best boy (guess who made him AlaskanCat how is she so talented?????)
Number 3 has me choking with love not going to lie
Cat Adopts #1 | CLOSED| OTA
First set of adoptables for this account! 

This is an OTA / Offer To Adopt set.
Comment with you offer, and on which cat, and we'll pick the best one. :''D
If we don't get any offers we will most likely put a set price on them later. 
If you don't get an immediate response to your comment/offer, don't worry! We are thinking about it or offline!

Accepting Points & Paypal
1. closed
2. closed
3. closed
4. closed
In this order:
base by Ekiibo 
Everybody go report her on roblox because this is a lie
I love her more.
nobody snitch but uh
I love @/mintbone the most and he is incorrect 


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